Stop Making These 4 Mistakes While Grocery Shopping!

Mistake 1 Shopping while hungry. Going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a major no-no. What happens? Well, you're more likely to head down looking for treats, and you'll be reaching for cookies and cakes. When going to the store, be sure to eat something before heading out, or grab a quick snack such... Continue Reading →

Simply Delicious Lamb Kebbeh

Kebbeh served with flatbread, salad & feta cheese Challenge yourselves this week and try new meals. Who says eating healthy has to be boring? Today we're making Kebbeh! Kebbeh is a Lebanese dish that has become very popular in many Middle Eastern countries. Kebbeh simply means meatballs, well...sort of. There are different ways of making... Continue Reading →

Self-Care Is Not A Luxury. And It’s Not Selfish.

There’s more to living a healthy lifestyle than just eating healthy and keeping active. Holistic wellness starts with accepting and acknowledging that we're fully responsible for our overall wellness: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social health. This is self-care, and it’s just as important as nutrition and exercise. Some would say it’s more important. Self-care... Continue Reading →

How Old Are You Really?

  As we age, our bodies change. But you already know that! At some point in life we start to notice and feel little changes in our bodies: you know, the stiff and creaking joints, changes in eyesight, digestion becomes a little slower, we find that we don’t recover quickly from tough exercises. Our bodies also... Continue Reading →

Sweet Poison: Is Sugar Public Health Enemy No.1?

We’ve all heard or read somewhere that sugar causes health problems. Sugar causes type 2 diabetes. Sugar causes tooth decay. Sugar causes Alzheimer’s. Sugar causes cancer. Sugar causes heart disease. Sugar improves performance. Sugar is good for athletes. Sugar is…Oh, Madonna! So much confusion. There’re so much conflicting messages about sugar and its effect on... Continue Reading →

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