Meal Prep Like A Pro: 4 Easy Steps

We’ve taken that big step and decided that we’re going to start eating healthy. But making those healthy food choices can sometimes be difficult. Let’s face it, life can get busy for many of us: we have our job, family to look after, errands to run, house to clean, so many distractions, we’re exhausted. Phew…making... Continue Reading →

A Fitness Lifestyle Can Be For You Too

Tips For Starting Your Fitness Journey  I wasn’t always into health and fitness, I mean, not in the way that I am today. I was active back in college, I played hockey for my school, ran track and field,  but that all came to an end after college. I didn’t participate in any form of physical... Continue Reading →

Sweet Poison: Is Sugar Public Health Enemy No.1?

We’ve all heard or read somewhere that sugar causes health problems. Sugar causes type 2 diabetes. Sugar causes tooth decay. Sugar causes Alzheimer’s. Sugar causes cancer. Sugar causes heart disease. Sugar improves performance. Sugar is good for athletes. Sugar is…Oh, Madonna! So much confusion. There’re so much conflicting messages about sugar and its effect on... Continue Reading →

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