Stop Making These 4 Mistakes While Grocery Shopping!

Mistake 1
Shopping while hungry.
Going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a major no-no. What happens? Well, you’re more likely to head down looking for treats, and you’ll be reaching for cookies and cakes. When going to the store, be sure to eat something before heading out, or grab a quick snack such as an apple or a banana if you’re in a hurry.

Mistake 2
Making phone calls while shopping.
Hello, distraction! Guess who’s not paying attention to the nutrition labels. What’s worse? – More items will make their way into your cart, and let’s not forget that you’ll be more likely to make impulse purchases.

Mistake 3
Not making a list.
Hold on a second. You mean you don’t make a list? Without a list, its nearly impossible to remember every single food item you need, especially if you’re trying to buy whole, minimally processed, healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Before heading out to the store, make sure you’ve decided on a meal plan, and have a list of the ingredients you need for the plan.

Mistake 4
Paying with a credit card.
Studies in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that people who paid for their groceries using cash bought fewer processed foods and more healthy foods than those who paid with a credit card. On your next trip to the grocery store, take cash instead of card, and you’ll find that you pay more attention to what you’re buying.

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